Words are precious as Water..why then waste them ?

Just as water can quench thirst of the body, so do words quench thirst of the heart. Words are like water drops. Rejuvenating the drooping spirits just as rain rejuvenate the drooping plants. Words are the clothes we wear.Words are the way we behave.Words are the Smile of a Soul and words are the Tears of a Heart.Words are like weapons, words are like medicines.Words are our way of living.Words are our Lifestyle. Words show our roots, the lineage, the dynasty and hierarchy we belong to or we hail from. Words are Angels and words are devil.Words are friends, words are enemies. We should be careful with the words we use because they can heal or harm, make or mar, create or destroy. Be careful when you are reading or listening something because the ingredient in both cases are the Words. Reading and listening is similar to drinking or eating. We eat and drink with our eyes too . We eat and drink with our ears also. In that way we feed our soul. So be on your guards when you are reading or listening something because words therein may contain nectar, words may contain poison.A rich person who knows the value of money will never waste them, why not the same with words ? Our words are our ambassadors in a foreign country. They show our origin and identity. Do not always judge a person by his beauty or riches.Rather, if you have got an inner eye, look at the beauty or ugliness of his words.Look at the richness or povery of his words, because words are the inhabitant of the Mind. Words are the garments and ornaments God has given us without discriminating between the rich and the poor. Do you ever feel amazed by the display of the Richness of words, or the Beauty of words or your whole idea of richness and beauty is confined only to money and body? There are more things, Horatio, on Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt in your philisophy. In a way a poor person can be very Rich by his noble thoughts and a rich person can be very poor by his low thoughts. This will require to redefine our preconceived ideas of richness and beauty. Words are the children we play with in our family with love and affection. Words are the waves that rise in the ocean of mind, words are the seven colors of rainbow, words are the little shining stars spread all over against the infinite sky of thought. Words are bestowed immortality and they live for ages.It is not true that only diamonds are for ever. Words, more precious than diamonds, are for ever.

Dil ka na karna aetbaar koi

A song from hindi film Halaku often haunts my soul. Quite bewitching and appealing from the time when i first heard it. Lataji rules all over the magic melody and Rafi saab plays second fiddle to her by singing just each ending line of the quatrain. Beautiful words, beautiful thought, beautiful music and beautifully sung and orchestred. Rare gem from Treasure. Kyu kehte ho pyar kiya tha..Keh do kisi se dard liya tha.badle me le gaya karaar koi..why say i loved someone? Instead say,” i borrowed pain from someone in exchange of the peace of my heart”. What a way to say. And another stunning

stanza ending with the tag” Kis ka huva hai Dildar koi..dil ka na karna aetbar koi